PAW PAW rechargeable hand warmer & power bank (5000mAh)

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PAW PAW is a cute little USB rechargeable device that can warm you up and charge your mobile phones.  It warms up both sides with 3 different degree settings and can last for hours.  It also has 5000mAh high-speed connectivity that's capable to charge full your mobile phone.


Low (35-40ºC / 95-104ºF) about 8 hours blue indicator
Medium (45-50ºC / 113-122ºF) about 5 hours green indicator
High (55-60ºC / 131-140ºF) about 3 hours red indicator



Casing  ABS + PP + aluminum alloy
Capacity 5000 mAH lithium battery
Input 5V / 2A
Output 5V / 2A
Heating Power  7 - 10 W
Heating Temperature 40ºC (104ºF) - 60ºC (140ºF)
Size 87.3 x 83 x 35 mm
Weight 150 grams