POPPY alarm clock & timer

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Poppy is a funny alarm clock with timer function. When it’s time to get up, Poppy will pop open its shell. Poppy has cool blue backlights for viewing during night time.


Material: ABS plastic
Power: 3 AAA batteries
Product Size: DIA 95 x H 130 mm



  1. Clock Mode
    • Press MIN button for 3 seconds to stop the clock 
    • Press HR button to set hour. 
    • Press MIN button to set minute.
  2. Alarm Mode
    • Press MODE button once until AL appear on screen.
    • Press HR button to set hour.
    • Press MIN button to set minute.
    • Press MODE button to start alarm. Bell sign will appear on screen.
  3. Timer Mode
    • Press MODE button twice until 00:00 appear on screen.
    • Press MIN button to set minute.
    • Press SEC button to set second.
    • Press START button to start timer.
    • Timer can be paused and re-started by pressing START button.
    • Press MIN and SEC together to reset timer.
    • Press MODE button to go to Clock mode.


Three different modes: Clock, Alarm, and Timer.  To stop the alarm, gently press down the top of the egg shell.  Press any button to light up the blue backlights.  Open the battery cover with a screwdriver to replace 3 AAA batteries.

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